Why Geo-Targeting is Essential for Real Estate Professionals

Whether you focus on commercial real estate in a major metropolitan area or custom luxury homes in the suburbs, geo-targeting for your real estate blog is essential to get your name out there. Geo-targeting is a method by which your website, and thus your reputation and influence, is targeted only towards the customers that you serve: your major areas of business and any outlying regions that you also accept.


Why is geo-targeting so important for real estate agents and professionals?

The Internet is a global place; when you set up a website, you’re catering to the entire world. This can quickly blow through your advertising and content marketing budget without actually having an effect on you personally; you might end up distributing fantastic advice to another country entirely. Geo-targeting narrows your content and advertising down to your specific region, ensuring that more viable leads will see your content and ultimately resulting in a more effective and useful advertising campaign overall.


Why is geo-targeting a real estate blog more important than ever?

Due to changes that have been made in major search engines today — primarily Google — geo-targeting has suddenly become much more effective. When searching the web, Google now returns results that are closest in proximity to an individual first. Geographically targeting your real estate blog will thus give you a much higher chance of being seen by anyone within your vicinity. However, the geo-targeting needs to be done right to be effective.

At Real Property Bloggers, we always geo-target real estate content. You can learn more about our products and services by contacting us today.

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